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How do I apply a promo code?

Promo / coupon codes can be applied to your order during the checkout process. Starting on the Shipping information page, a promo code box (labeled "Have a promo code?") will be available. Enter your code into the box and be sure to hit "apply." If the promo code is valid, then you should see the discount reflected in your Order Summery. 

If there is an issue using your code, please go through the following:

  • Ensure that the code is valid on your type of order - most of our subscription promo codes are not eligible on one-off orders in our Store (such as Single Crates)
  • Promo codes are limited to one per order - if you are taking advantage of another promotion (such as a Refer-A-Friend link from a friend), then your order will not be eligible for another discount. 
  • Try waiting until the "Billing" information section to enter your promo code
  • Try clearing your browser history / cookies before ordering
  • Try ordering from a private or "incognito" browser

If there is still an issue, feel free to contact us for assistance here

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