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How do I receive shipping notifications?

If you order a regular renewing subscription (monthly, every 3, 6, or 12 months) and do not add a gift message, then monthly tracking emails will be sent to the email address associated with the account. 

If you order a gift subscription or add a gift message to a regular subscription, then you will be prompted to add a parent email address, so that the child's parent can begin tracking shipments after the subscription begins. For these, the first tracking email will be sent to the you (the purchaser) instead of the parent so that the recipient can be surprised with the first crate. The parent will receive the tracking emails for the remaining crates of the gift subscription

Unfortunately, the parent email address cannot be updated once an order has been placed. Please reach out to Customer Care if there is an issue with the parent email address you'd like us to look into. 

Crates, included those from subscriptions you've gifted, can also be tracked via the My Account page: log in, click the "Subscriptions" tab under your name, locate the appropriate subscription, then click "track" next to the specific crate you wish to track. 


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