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What ages is KiwiCo appropriate for?

We offer crates and subscriptions for a wide range of ages and interests, from toddlers through teenagers (and beyond!).

Panda Crate: ages 0-24 months, encourages development and creativity
Koala Crate: ages 2-4, hands-on themed activities
Kiwi Crate: ages 5-8, hands-on STEAM based activities
Atlas Crate: ages 6-11, inspires appreciation for other world cultures
Doodle Crate: ages 9-16+, hands-on DIY arts and craft projects
Tinker Crate: ages 9-16+, hands-on STEM-related projects
Eureka Crate: ages 14-104, applies science and math principles to the design of everyday items

Photos and descriptions of each brand can be found in the "What You Get" section on our website

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