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What’s available in the KiwiCo Store?

We offer an array of one-off Single Crates, Party Packs, craft materials and more in our Store! Our Single Crates make wonderful gifts for birthdays, activities for a rainy day, or fun for other special occasions. Each crate contains multiple activities, with all the materials and instructions included. You can select one of our award-winning Single Crates as the first crate of a new subscription, too! 


Our Party Favors, available in your choice of 4 crate colors (red, blue, green and pink), are special mini versions of our crates. They make for wonderful party favors for guests to take home. Or, set them out at the event for a fun, creative party activity! Mix and match projects and colors to match your decor. 


In a party pinch? Expedited shipping is available on Store orders.

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