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Can I choose the month in which I want my subscription to begin?

Yes, you can sign up for a subscription today and select a different month in which you’d like your subscription to begin. After choosing the type of subscription that you'd like to purchase, there will be an option to select the subscription start month on the "Personalize It" screen. Click "edit" to the right of "Subscription Starts". Select the month of your choice from the drop-down box. Your subscription will automatically activate on the 1st of that month.

If you’ve already placed your order and we have yet to process your first crate, you can update the start date through your My Account page by clicking the “Subscriptions” tab. Next, click "Edit" next to the subscription that you'd like to pause, then click “Pause Subscription”. Customers can pause their subscriptions for one month at a time. If you need to edit the start date after pausing the subscription, please contact us here.

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